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Why Melbourne Maxi Taxis

There are so many reasons to book Melbourne Maxi Taxis in advance.

Fews reasons are:

01 Melbourne Maxi Taxis drivers are all experienced driver with 8-10 years of experience
02 Melbourne Maxi Taxis keep track of your flight and call you once it lands so that you dont have to wait when you land.
03 Melbourne Maxi Taxis ensures customer receive their taxis on time when they pre bok with us.
04 We provide most competitive quotes on all our taxis.

What are you waiting for:

CityCab is reserving the rights to change prices, rates, vehicles in our disgrace.


  • "I would like to share my amazing experience and wish you for your perfect transport service. Recently, I was in Melbourne where I utilized your service. I was thankful to receive a very warm, friendly and professional service from Melbourne Maxi Taxis during my 3 days in Melbourne. I won’t hesitate in recommending your service to others in the future..."
  • "Thanks a lot for the amazing service you provided recently. The cars seemed great! Melbourne Maxi Taxi‘s drivers were very friendly, highly cooperative and well qualify professional. I will definitely be advocating your company to my friends in the future....."
  • "I have keen desire to let you know about my wonderful experience I had with Melbourne Maxi Taxis last month. I was in Australia on my business trip and our Melbourne office booked me a Maxi Taxi with your company. The maxi cab was on time and waiting for me when I arrived at the organised pickup plece. My maxi cab was in good condition and perfectly cleaned, and I was really impressed with uniformed driver and the comfort of his passengers. I was extremely impressed with the service of Melbourne Maxi Taxis that I received there......"
  • Melbourne Maxi Taxis is my favorite taxi company ever! Cool drivers, amazing cars, top notch services! You won't believe it, but they actually didn't take any tip :)

Lost Property

did you lost something in one of our taxis?

no need to panic! we're keeping all lost & found items in our storage. just follow these 3 easy steps:

step 1

remember when did you loose it

step 2

contact us via email or call us

step 3

come to our storage and pick your item

We value our clients deeply and we want you to be happy :)

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About Melbourne Maxi Taxis

It is more than another taxi company!!!!! Melbourne Maxi Taxis is the answer to all journey needs. We provide best services to make your journey more comfortable. Melbourne Maxi Taxis facilitates online bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed service.


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