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We are a professional Australian Maxi Taxi company

We are operating in Melbourne including surrounding suburbs.


Customer Satisfaction

all our customers are happy


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we have available cars almost 100% of the time


Melbourne Coverage

We cover full Melbourne CBD and all surrounding suburbs.


Melbourne Maxi Taxi facilitates a large array of different services to the public. These services are available within the Melbourne areas. First time in Melbourne people can enjoy more flexible mode of transportation. The following are the services:

Airport Transfers

Melbourne Maxi Taxi have enthusiastic taxi positions at Melbourne airport for your convenience. Even its better, if you have pre-booked our service. Undoubtedly, our well mannered driver will be ahead of you to get you to where you need to be. Melbourne Maxi Taxi facilitates to Tullamarine Airport and Avalon Airport transfers at cheaper solutions.


Melbourne Maxi Taxis offers both dressed and undressed bridal cars. It has an array of drivers or professionals who have been specifically trained in bridal work who take great pleasure in providing a reliable, professional and fun service for the bridal party. Whether it be calming the nerves of the bride or assisting with both planned and unplanned last minute events we do it with a smile and considerable pride.

Tour Service

Melbourne Maxi Taxis has wide range of tour services and it is the perfect way to see Australia. Get pleasure from the knowledge and friendliness of an experienced driver and travel in unique style. You'll enjoy more freedom than you've ever thought possible in your mind.


Our Vehicles

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we have a selection of 3 different types of taxis

different vehicle types depending on your needs and occasions.

These vehicles are for single hiring for 5 - 12 passengers; or where the passenger specifically requests a larger than standard taxi-cab regardless of the number of passengers carried.

Silver Service Vehicles are luxury vehicles with a long wheel base for that extra level of comfort. These vehicles include Holden Statesmans, Ford Fairlanes and Ford LTDs. Features may include generous passenger legroom, dual climate control, leather seating, whisper quiet ride and advanced sound systems.


VHA is the best alternative to taxis. These are the luxury sedan cars, you could also say premium taxis.

Our Drivers

all our taxi drivers are professionals:

01 experienced drivers with skills
02 drivers from any races and social circles
03 trained to perfection - you can test their skills today


we are Melbourne Maxi Taxis

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About Melbourne Maxi Taxis

It is more than another taxi company!!!!! Melbourne Maxi Taxis is the answer to all journey needs. We provide best services to make your journey more comfortable. Melbourne Maxi Taxis facilitates online bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed service.


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